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For Sale By Owner
Did you know?

FSBOs accounted for 8% of home sales in 2015. The typical FSBO home sold for $185,000 compared to $240,000 for agent-assisted home sales.

NAR 2016 Profile Buyers & Sellers

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Most difficult tasks for FSBO sellers:

Getting the right price: 18%; Preparing/fixing up home for sale: 13%; Understanding and performing paperwork: 12%; Selling within the planned length of time: 3%; Having enough time to devote to all aspects of the sale: 3%.
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Evolution of Marketing
In 2002, 40% of homebuyers utilized the internet to view homes for sale according to the Spring 2002 NAR Profile of the home buyer and seller survey. As of their 2016 survey-it is now at 90%!
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Wide Market Exposure
Waller Real Estate Realtors embrace new technology. Nearly every other agent's listings are submitted to sites like Realtor.com, Trulia, and Zillow-our marketing surpasses this by leaps and bounds with property specific websites and submission to 80+ other real estate related portals!
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Real Estate in Magalia, CA

  • PA19066586 6365 Siena Court Magalia CA

  • SN19070875 6221 Ponderosa Way Magalia CA

  • PA19081263 6342 Ponderosa Way Magalia CA

  • CH13248228 0 Hupp Coutolenc Magalia CA

  • CH17030581 0 Skyway Magalia CA

  • CH17121737 0 Adrian Drive Magalia CA

  • SN19127137 0 Carver Drive Magalia CA

  • SN19126956 13846 Tulsa Court Magalia CA

  • SN19149558 6400 Calvin Drive Magalia CA

  • SN18105996 0 Northwood Drive Magalia CA

  • SN18292331 0 Via De Maia Magalia CA

  • SN19000305 0 Goldcone Magalia CA

  • PA19163184 13651 Nimshew Road Magalia CA

  • SN18027807 0 Rosewood Magalia CA

  • PA19185844 14853 Magnolia Drive Magalia CA

  • OR19163847 14848 Crescent Drive Magalia CA

  • SN19087566 6564 Rosewood Drive Magalia CA

  • SN19119261 14819 Holmwood Drive Magalia CA

  • PA19201464 6379 Seton Court Magalia CA

  • SN19183812 13903 Carver Drive Magalia CA

    Real Estate in Paradise, CA

    • PA19031616 438 Plantation Drive Paradise CA

    • PA15025584 5376 Breezewood Drive Paradise CA

    • PA19073061 6127 Clark Road Paradise CA

    • SN18291469 5285 Pioneer Paradise CA

    • PA19100546 6303 Lilliput Lane Paradise CA

    • SN19115619 6585 Clark Road Paradise CA

    • SN19115678 6585 Clark Road Paradise CA

    • SN19123949 632 Valley View Drive Paradise CA

    • SN19130569 5661 Cathy Lane Paradise CA

    • PA19139511 829 Wagstaff Road Paradise CA

    • SN19142596 5735 Reed Lane Paradise CA

    • SN19144000 7148 Clark Road Paradise CA

    • PA19144394 5216 Royal Canyon Lane Paradise CA

    • SN19146222 415 Plantation Drive Paradise CA

    • 19469660 0 Tuscan Parcels Skyway Paradise CA

    • 19473430 0 Canyon Ranch Skyway Paradise CA

    • PA19082700 136 Jade Lane Paradise CA

    • PA19090426 0 Lime Saddle Road Paradise CA

    • SN19161326 1019 Maple Park Drive Paradise CA

    • PA19165184 442 Plantation Drive Paradise CA

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